sexta-feira, julho 31, 2009

Não se afobe, não, que nada é pra já...

Dont be hasty
For nothing comes right now, as a click with your fingers
Love comes slowly, when you dont expect, it does not comes in a hurry.
It can wait silently, quietly for centuries
May it be somewhere, as in the bottle of the ocean, or inside a wardrobe, or even in the post office, or in the air, it can wait for a thousand years
And, then, Rio will be some sunken city . Divers would come to explore your house.
All kind of stuff and your soul.
Wise men will try to decipher ancient words, poems, letters, pictures
Also lies and vestiges of a strange civilization
Dont be hasty, dont!
Nothing will come quickly
Lovers will be always loveable
Future lovers, perhaps,
Will fall in love, without knowing,
that the flame of love will be just that one I left once for you.

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